mercoledì 23 gennaio 2013

Verona and back

Got back from Verona yesterday fairly unscathed by the snow in Europe and Aperol consumed on the trip.

We had a great time and a successful show. The Expo seemed even bigger than last year, if that's possible.

Like last year, lovely MBE organiser Gaia asked me to pick a bike from those on show to receive the GKM award; it went to this 1400cc S&S drag bike, built by a little firm called Italian Choppers (Pepe and Billy). I loved its stance and little custom touches (two front heads!), but what sold me on it was the almost exclusive use of Italian components around the S&S lump.

The tank, for example, is from an Italian moped, as is the scalloped rear valance... shaped and widened to fit. Two Brembo stoppers, check. Rare 'Ceat' Italian rear tyre, check. The dual Dell'Orto carbs, homemade pipes, front hub and Tommaselli throttle were icing on the cake. Well done boys... lovely work. We'll be featuring it in the magazine soon.
                                                        GREASY KULTURE MAGAZINE

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